THE WALKING BATHROOM, published by Nimbus Publishing (2017)
written by Shauntay Grant and illustrated by Erin Bennett Banks

My latest children’s book hit bookshelves in Fall 2017, just in time for Halloween. A sweet story of standing out and fitting in, The Walking Bathroom is written by award-winning author and spoken-word poet Shauntay Grant. In the story, our protagonist Amayah doesn’t have a costume to wear to school. She dressed as a ghost for the last three years in a row, witches are overdone, and fairies are not her style. She wants to be something different, something creative, something no one else in the world has ever been in the history of Halloween. Bound to inspire some unique costumes, this story celebrates individuality and creativity in a fun, imaginative narrative.

As one reviewer summarizes: “Celebrated poet Shauntay Grant has crafted a warm-hearted Halloween tale that focuses on one girl’s ingenuity and the courage it sometimes takes to dare to do something different. While Amayah’s originality is ultimately rewarded, she must persevere through the initial mockery of her peers, a purposeful reminder to young readers that it’s good to be different but it’s not always easy. The story is also a touching tale of sibling love and loyalty as Amayah generously shares her prize-winning costume idea with her little sister and the two of them head off to enjoy a night of trick-or-treating together.”


“The Walking Bathroom is an enjoyable look at one girl’s decision to make her Halloween costume as individual as she is. Good for those who always strive to find the perfect costume, and for those that appreciate a unique sense of style… The illustrations by Erin Bennett Banks are crucial for showing readers how Amayah is dressed… The images are colourful and full of expression, highlighting Amayah’s creativity and the joy she has at creating costumes that have not been seen ‘in the whole entire history of Halloween.'” — Canadian Materials Magazine (Winnipeg, MB)

“Erin Bennett Banks’s brightly coloured, stylized cartoon illustrations humourously capture Amayah’s grand entrance as a ‘walking bathroom.’ With a shower curtain regally draped around her shoulders, and a yellow plastic bonnet on her head, the child strikes a spectacular pose. She accessorizes with toilet paper roll bracelets and a belt adorned with rubber duckies, a tooth brush, and a loofah.” — National Reading Campaign / Children’s Book Reviews

“The colourful, fun illustrations by Bennett Banks ties together this funny and touching story by Grant.” — The Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club

“The playful illustrations perfectly complement the tone of the story. Brightly-coloured with bold outlines, interesting textures and facial expressions, they whimsically capture the energy and angst that Amayah generates. A delightful new offering for Halloween reading that is not at all scary, this book may serve as inspiration for young readers who have wrestled themselves with the question of what to be for Halloween.” — Atlantic Books Today

“A sweet story of standing out and fitting in, The Walking Bathroom is the newest book from award-winning author and spoken-word poet Shauntay Grant (Up Home). With fun, vibrant artwork from Erin Bennett Banks (Change of Heart), this imaginative tale is bound to inspire some unique costumes and become a Halloween favourite! — Sea and Be Scene

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