New children’s book published in December 2019! A truly collaborative project with author and visionary Cathy Bennington Jenrette, and the first book project that I illustrated and designed from cover to cover. View the book online, and click here to view my television interview with Fox24 Charleston host Leyla Gulen. Order online at the Gibbes Museum Store.

G is for Gibbes: A Museum ABC Book introduces readers to art and terminology encountered during a museum journey. A twist on the traditional ABC book, this story is inspired by the Gibbes Museum of Art, Charleston’s oldest art gallery. The illustrated ABC journey is shown from the perspective of an art-loving Gator, giving readers of all ages the opportunity to experience a museum for the first time. “G is for Gibbes” engages readers with works of art from the Gibbes Museum’s permanent collection, as well as broader art terms such as Abstract art, Colors, Impressionism, Drawing, and Landscape. The book also introduces readers to less familiar objects such as Miniature Portraits and Restoration. Experience the joy of visiting an art museum through the eyes of the Gibbes Gator, and learn to love the alphabet in a whole new way!


Print 01-GibbesABC-TitlePage 02-GibbesABC-Abstracts-Baskets 03-GibbesABC-Color 04-GibbesABC-Drawing-Engaging 05-GibbesABC-FisforFurniture-Galleries-Hats 06-GibbesABC-Impressionism-JapanesePrints 07-GibbesABC-Kids 08-GibbesABC-Landscapes-MiniaturePortraits 09-GibbesABC-Naturalism-Oils-Portraits 10-GibbesABC-QuietlyGazing 11-GibbesABC-Restoration-Sculpture-Tools 12-GibbesABC-Untitled-VisitingArtists 13-GibbesABC-Writing 14-GibbesABC-Xray-You 15-GibbesABC-Zenith