• City Ladies

    City Ladies

    As part of my Art Nouveau theme, I’ve developed a series of “City Ladies” paintings featuring […]

  • Brio Magazine

    Brio Magazine

    Ninevah and companion piece, Belly of the Whale, were painted in oils for an article by […]

  • Tiny Portraits

    Tiny Portraits

    This collection of Art Nouveau tiny portraits was created for a collaborative gallery show in Charleston. […]

  • Fashionable Favorites

    Fashionable Favorites

    A fashionable twist on my Art Nouveau inspired paintings! Bicycle Built for Two, above painted in […]

  • Educational Readers

    Educational Readers

    ANIMATA’S TALE Animata’s Tale is a short story published by McGraw-Hill for a reader. The illustrations […]

  • Harmony


    These paintings were created as part of a series illustrating the concept of harmony. A recurring […]

  • The First Music

    The First Music

    August House publishers contacted me about illustrating my second children’s book, after seeing my work shared […]

  • The Weekly Reader and Clubhouse Magazine

    The Weekly Reader and Clubhouse Magazine

    My painting of the Oak Island Treasure Hunt (above) was originally illustrated for The Weekly Reader, […]

  • Season Ladies

    Season Ladies

    Spring Awakening, the first of the “Season Ladies” series. Painted in oils. Summertime. In Oil. Falling […]

  • Hush Harbor

    Hush Harbor

    My third children’s book, Hush Harbor, was published by Carolrhoda Books, a division of Lerner Publishing. […]

  • The Elephant’s Child

    The Elephant’s Child

    The Elephant’s Child was a series of concept paintings developed as a pitch for children’s book […]

  • The Patchwork Path

    The Patchwork Path

    Upon seeing my portfolio at the renowned Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Spain, Candlewick Press published […]